Red Velvet’s Seulgi Added A Delightful Twist To “Red Flavor” As A Surprise For Sunmi

She knew Sunmi was watching:

With the colder weather here for many of us, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is warming everyone up with her adorable “Red Flavor” addition during one of Red Velvet’s recent concerts.


Red Velvet recently held their La Rouge concerts in Seoul and blew everyone away with their stunning and flawless performances, sweet ments, and heart-fluttering interactions. And many of Red Velvet’s besties were there to experience it too, including Sunmi!


Sunmi and Seulgi are known to have one of the sweetest sisterly bonds ever and their interactions are always incredibly wholesome and this time was no different! During Red Velvet’s performance of “Red Flavor”, Seulgi, who knew Sunmi was in the crowd, decided to put a little spin on her choreography by adding some of Sunmi’s “LALALAY” moves into her part!


Since fans first noticed the new addition to the choreography, it’s been making everyone feel more than a little soft and even now, fans are still absolutely loving the cute moment!


Although no one knows for sure what Sunmi’s reaction Seulgi’s “LALALAY” moves was, it was seriously the wholesome content we all need in our lives!

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