Sunmi Reveals How Much She Makes In Royalties From Her Songs

Queen makes bank!

Sunmi has been writing and producing songs since her Wonder Girls days, and she revealed how much she makes in royalties for all her hard work!

During a radio interview, the host asked, “How do you feel when you look at how much you earn from royalties?

Sunmi surprised everyone by explaining that she hasn’t spent a single dime from her royalty earnings! She acts as a source of motivation for her instead.

I don’t spend the money that’s in my account for royalty earnings. I just leave it.

When I look at it, it makes me feel, ‘I need to work harder.’

— Sunmi

Sunmi revealed that she’s been earning royalties since Wonder Girls’ “Reboot” album days. She confessed that she didn’t make much in the beginning but revealed that her royalties have increased by 10x!

I started writing songs since Wonder Girls’ “Reboot” album. At first, my royalties weren’t much. It was around a couple 100,000 won.

I’ve been producing by myself, and it’s not in the 100 millions but it’s increased to a couple of 10 millions.

— Sunmi

Some of Sunmi’s most famous self-produced songs include, “Siren” and “Lalalay”. She’s also wrote, composed, and produced her latest album “pporappippam”. With her continued success of hits after hits, Sunmi’s royalties know nowhere but up!

Source: Newsis