Sunmi To Take Strict Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

They won’t be open to settling with the criminals.

Sunmi and her agency are preparing to take strict legal action against the malicious commenters who have been damaging her name and inflicting harm to the artist.

MakeUs Entertainment announced that they have been collecting evidence to take malicious netizens to court. They revealed that they will not be open for any type of settlement.

They emphasized that they will continue using civil actions to fight back against the malicious commenters starting now and into the future. They asked Sunmi’s fans, Miyane, to help collect evidence against the culprits.

Sunmi and MakeUs hope that they will be able to create a better environment on the internet through their legal responses. Fans can report evidence to


Check out their full statement below:

Hello. This is MakeUs Entertainment.

We will begin taking legal action against malicious commenters who damage and dishonor our artist, Sunmi’s, image by spreading groundless rumors and creating malicious posts and comments. We are preparing to take legal action by continually monitoring the reported information and collecting evidence with the help of our legal team.

Cursing and leaving hateful messages under an anonymous name is clearly a crime. As a response, we will take strict civil action against the criminals without offering any settlement or warning. We will respond in the same manner to future damages as well.

We ask for the fans’ active cooperation. The reports coming in from <Miyanes> are an incredible help, and we ask anyone with evidence of malicious contents to send their reports to the email address below.

Our company will no longer tolerate our artists being hurt by malicious comments that people spit out under anonymity. We will do our very best to protect our artists’ rights. We hope that through our efforts, the internet culture will become a better and safer environment. Thank you

— MakeUs Entertainment

Source: Hankyung