Sunye Thanks And Apologizes To Fans In This Heartfelt Goodbye Letter

Sunye sent her love and apologies to Wonderfuls following Wonder Girls‘s departure from JYP Entertainment.

Sunye said her goodbyes to the Wonder Girls via an Instagram post yesterday, after the Wonder Girls were officially announced to be disbanding. The separation came as quite a shock, as fellow top girl group 2NE1 had announced their own disbandment not too long ago.

Sunye sent her heartfelt wishes to all of her Wonderfuls and apologized for her recent absence, also making a statement as the group’s former leader earlier in the week. A full translation of her message can be found below:

I am deeply sorry for these abrupt, greetings time after time. I am very proud and happy to have been part of The Wonder Girls for 10 years. I cannot find the words to express myself at this moment but I wish the public will have warm memories of The Wonder Girls even after 10 or 20 years from now. To all my lovely “Wonderfuls” – I am very sorry and thankful for everything.

– Sunye

The other members of Wonder Girls also said their goodbyes on a video posted by JYP Entertainment.