[★BREAKING] Sunye updates fans after Wonder Girls disband

Wonder Girls former leader, Sunye, has updated fans for the first time since news broke out that the group would be disbanding.

JYP Entertainment revealed that Wonder Girls would be disbanding and released a music video saying “Goodbye” to fans. The group will also be releasing one last song on February 10th.

It was revealed that Yubin and Hyerim would remain in JYP Entertainment while Yeeun and Sunmi would be leaving the company.

Check out what SunYe had to say below:

“I am so grateful to everyone who stuck with the Wonder Girls for the past 10 years even though there have been many changes. I hope everyone can look forward to each member’s new beginnings and support them all. Thanks to everyone for making it such a warm time. Thank you..”

— Sunye

Since leaving Wonder Girls, Sunye has largely stayed out of the public light. After getting married, she’s given birth to two beautiful children, and the family has continued to show support for the remaining members of Wonder Girls. Although she was not part of Wonder Girls’ latest comebacks, Sunye and former member Sohee did participate in a bonus track for the album Reboot. Despite Wonder Girls no longer promoting together as a unit, Sunye and the rest of the members have proven their bond and will likely continue to have a strong friendship.