Filipino Super Junior Fans Are Furious After Local Show Makes Light Of Eunhyuk’s Father’s Passing

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Pinoy ELFs have come forward to criticize a local television show for their insensitive question regarding Super Junior.

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It was previously announced that Eunhyuk could not attend Super Show 9 in Manila, Philippines, due to the passing of his father.


Considering the close relationship that the members and their fans had with Eunhyuk, none of them were comfortable with holding a fun-filled event without him. A few hours before show time, it was announced that Super Show 9 would be moved to an undecided date in the future though Leeteuk, Yesung, ShindongDonghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun would still meet the ELFs who came to see them.

They appeared in front of the concert attendees and gave a heartfelt speech, leaving many praising the group for their professionalism and kindness. The spontaneous fan meeting also highlighted the sadness that the members and their fans felt for Eunhyuk’s father, Eunhyuk’s family, and Eunhyuk himself.

On August 11, the late morning show, Tropang LOL by the Kapamilya Channel, TV5, and A2Z, mentioned this topic on their Maritest trivia segment, but the response was not positive.

Tropang LOL cast | @tropanglol/Instagram

The cause of concern was their question, “In the Philippine concert scene, which K-Pop group canceled their show recently because the father of one of the members passed away?” The contestant, comedian Pooh, was given the choices of Super Junior, SEVENTEEN, GOT7, and SHINee.

The Tropang LOL presenters did not react any differently, with Pooh first chuckling and commenting that he was not up to date with the K-Pop scene.

The cast members also danced along to the background music when they were called to give their own answers.

They further made related jokes about the situation which the program peppered with a laugh track.

Tropang LOL was immediately criticized online for their segment. Though they deleted their initial tweet parroting the question meant for the Php 25,000 [around $450 USD] reward, they did not make any further response.

Even if you delete [your Tweet] you’re too insensitive! ₱25,000 for that kind of question? You don’t know what we felt last Saturday. You should give respect to the person who lost their loved one! @tropang_LOL say sorry to SUJU!

— Netizen

ELFs trended the hashtag #CancelTropangLOL where they listed down the various reasons why such a question should not have been posed, at the forefront making light of a tragedy.

Never make jokes about someone’s loss and tragedy.

— Netizen

The Chief Operating Officer of Pulp, the organizers of Super Show 9, also took to Twitter to denounce the actions of the morning program. Happee Sy-Go (also known as “Inang”) pointed out that the hosts and viewers would not be able to understand exactly how everyone involved felt.

It was a painful time for all…not just for the direct family, but for me and everyone who had been with them for years. When they hurt, we hurt. That’s how it is.

— “Inang” Happee Sy-Go, COO of Pulp

As a promoter and friend of the Super Junior members, she was firm that the show should not have incorporated the topic of Eunhyuk’s father into their segment.

Even if you don’t understand it, there should still be a line of decency upheld. Not everything is a joke…nowadays it’s like everything is being made into a joke or ‘for content purposes.’

— “Inang” Happee Sy-Go, COO of Pulp

She ended by calling to attention the false information that Tropang LOL spread. Rather than being canceled, Super Show 9 was merely postponed.

P.S. it is just postponed.

— “Inang” Happee Sy-Go, COO of Pulp

Tropang LOL did not immediately release a statement regarding the controversy.

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