Netizens Think This Male Idol Is Stunning Dressed As A Woman

He parodied actress Seo Ye Ji…and nailed it!

A male idol is being praised for his visual duality, dressing as both a man and a woman.

| @kimheenim/Instagram

Heechul of Super Junior often pushes the boundaries when it comes to gendered style and clothing. His recent Instagram post was no exception.

Depicted in full makeup including lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, his transformation was gorgeous.

– Prettier than me..

– Wow..

– Ah really pretty.

– He doesn’t age

— Netizens

It turns out it was a behind-the-scenes moment from his latest commercial. The commercial is parodying actress Seo Ye Ji in a CF for Naver‘s “My Favorite Series” campaign. In her version, Seo Ye Ji reads an excerpt from the webtoon Harem Men.

Watch as Heechul changes from an elegant woman…

…complete with heels and a skirt…

…into a handsome man in a stunning suit!

Basically, Heechul does whatever he wants — like defying gender roles on the daily!

| @kimheenim/Instagram

Watch the full commercials below.

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