Super Junior’s Heechul Once Again Shares That He Has No Plans To Get Married

“I think it’s become a trend these days not to get married.”

Super Junior‘s Heechul once again expressed his resolve to not get married anytime soon!

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Heechul is currently a host on MBN’s International Couple, and in the upcoming first episode, he revealed his personal thoughts on marriage.

I think it’s become a trend these days not to get married. I also don’t have any plans to get married.


Being a program that shows the different sides of an international marriage, Heechul had many questions regarding the show! One of the questions he had was about whether or not the people on the show were actual international married couples, and the production team replied in the affirmative!

They are all real married couples that have marriage visas.

Heechul then asked about the people who would appear on the show, wondering why they would come all the way to Korea after leaving their home countries.

I’m curious as to what is it about Korea that made them come here. I’m also curious as to the reason how they were able to give up their lives in their home country.


This isn’t the first time he has revealed that he isn’t interested in getting married. Back in 2020, he revealed that he wasn’t interested in marriage because his mother loved him being on the SBS show, My Little Old Boy.

If I get married, I can’t be on My Little Old Boy anymore. But my mom loves this show. So I’m not interested in getting married anymore.


Fans are interested as to how Heechul will run the show as he is currently in a relationship with TWICE‘s Momo, a Japanese member, making them an international couple too!

The first episode of International Couple is set to air on May 28 at 11 PM KST.

Watch the preview here!

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