Super Junior’s Heechul Reveals The Reason He Can’t Get Married Yet

Heechul says he “has to be as cautious about that as possible.”

Driving oceanside in Fukuoka, Japan for the TV program Where Are You Going, Ddaenchul?, hosts Noh Hong Chul, Kim Yeong Chul, and Super Junior‘s Heechul discussed their dating history and marriage plans.

While on the road, Heechul confessed that he has no previous experience of going on trips with his former girlfriends.

You know how sensitive it is for me to meet people. So I’ve never had the chance to travel alone with a girlfriend.

— Heechul

The idol, of 13 years in the industry, said he’s not entirely turned off to the idea of dating and getting married.

I’m 36 years old though, you know. Sometimes I do want to date freely and I do think about getting married, settling down. But…

— Heechul

Except, the loyal support of his fans actually stops Heechul from being active in the dating game.

… I have to be as cautious about that as possible. I have fans who have stuck by my side since I debuted, throughout my idol years… and I don’t want to hurt them. I can’t break their hearts so I can date or get married.

— Heechul

Some viewers believe Heechul’s decision to stay far from dating scandals may have something to do with his fellow Super Junior member, Sungmin, who faced a tremendous amount of criticism that involved an abrupt dating and marriage news. However, other fans wished Heechul a life of happiness, sharing blessings for the K-Pop idol.

  • “I want all of these guys to meet their soulmates and get married!!!”

  • “He’s of age… As a fan, I really do wish you find someone special, get married, have children of your own, and have a happy life.”

Watch the full clip below:

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