Super Junior Makes The “Weekly Idol” Host Kwanghee Leave The Set Due To Their Mad Chaos

The variety show kings are back 😂

On December 9th, variety show kings Super Junior made an appearance as a whole group for the first time on the variety program, Weekly Idol. To everyone’s excitement, they brought all the laughter for the viewers.

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The 9 members of the legendary boy group came out to celebrate their 15 year anniversary and with it, they brought their usual chaos. The host of the show, Kwanghee, can be seen noticeably flustered trying to host the show with the 9 energetic Super Junior members. At one point, Kwanghee is seen leaving the set for a brief moment and without missing a beat, the Super Junior members stepped up and took charge of their own show.

(Kwanghee leaves set) Hello we are the new Weekly Idol hosts, MC Heechul and MC Kyuhyun.

— Heechul and Kyuhyun

They continue on with their comedic antics by poking fun at the host, who cannot control the boys! While they were talking about their upcoming album, Kwanghee couldn’t help himself and proceeded to act like he knew one of their songs. So naturally, the boys of Super Junior had him sing the song on the spot, which Kwanghee did not know. They kept poking fun at him until he admitted defeat, cracking up the studio.


Wait, can you let it slide, just this once.

— Kwanghee

That was just the beginning of the hilarity because in another segment of the episode, the members were asked “if you had to choose which face you don’t want to be reborn as, who would you choose?”. The two choices they had were between Kim Heechul and Choi Siwon. The members commented on Heechul’s shocking beauty during their rookie days, which brought up a hilarious confession made by Shindong.

 You must have thought about marrying me at some point then?

— Kim Heechul

To which Shindong boldly declared,

Oh yeah, definitely at least once.

— Shindong


Shortly after, member Ryeowook reveals something about Super Junior-D&E, which creates even more chaos in the studio. After his reveal, the members of Super Junior all stand up trying to simmer the situation.

I’ve done a unit before and I’m here to tell you that the members of D&E aren’t close.


To which Yesung hilariously responds with,

It’s because they had their individual stresses!

— Yesung

In another segment of the show, the 9 members revisit their past songs, reminiscing their rookie days while recreating their iconic music video scenes. Member Kim Heechul recreates his cheeky side grin, making everybody cringe.

Wow, did we miss the sheer madness and chaos of the Super Junior members or what! Catch the hilarious boy group and all the craziness that ensues on the December 9th episode of Weekly Idol.



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