Former Super Junior Member Kangin Shocks Fans With Drastic Weight Loss Since His Last Broadcast

He’s gotten even thinner than before.

Earlier this month, former Super Junior member, Kangin showed his face on a live broadcast for the first time in a year, drawing much of his fans’ support.

But the selfie he recently posted to Instagram showed him looking a lot thinner than when fans last saw him, naturally gaining worry and sympathy across the internet.

| @kanginnim/Instagram

Fans were already worried following his broadcast just 2 weeks earlier due to how tired and sad he looked.

After reading through the fans’ live comments, Kangin simply remarked,

I turned on the broadcast to say hi to you for the first time in a long time. Be well. Sleep tight.

— Kangin

But now that he appears to have lost even more weight, fans are worried about his well-being.

Even a friend of Kangin’s made a comment about his weight loss.

Did you lose weight?

— Friend

And in response, Kangin commented,

I just keep losing weight.

— Kangin

| @kanginnim/Instagram

Kangin withdrew from Super Junior in July of last year following a series of controversies involving assaulting his girlfriend and a drunk driving accident.

| @kanginnim/Instagram

Whatever the case may be, let’s hope Kangin takes good care of himself!

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