Super Junior Wants To Have A Special Reunion Stage With All 13 Members

Is it even possible for all thirteen members to reunite?

At its largest, Super Junior was thirteen members. In an interview with members Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Donghae, the possibility was raised that all thirteen might reunite on stage one day!


Currently, there are six active members of Super Junior, with the current full group being eleven members.


The last time all eleven were together, according to Leeteuk, was at a Chinese restaurant right before his enlistment, back in 2012.


Since member Kyuhyun only just began his military service, the next time all eleven could possibly be together will be once he’s discharged in 2019.


But Leeteuk is hopeful that all thirteen might be able to reunite someday since they are ‘more family than family’!

“I recently watched the H.O.T. reunion special on Infinity Challenge. There is a picture of all thirteen members that is in front of my television at home, so the pairing of the two images made me think of the ‘Sorry Sorry’ version of Super Junior from 2009, when we were thirteen members. Maybe someday all thirteen members will get together on stage, together again!” — Leeteuk


Hangeng and Kibum had left the group for personal reasons, but they still keep in touch once in a while with the members.


Let’s hope we will see all thirteen members of Super Junior together on stage again someday!


Source: Sports Seoul

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