Super Junior’s Shindong Confesses He Discovered Aespa’s Karina Way Before SM Entertainment Did

She was destined to become a part of the label!

In an exciting preview for the upcoming episode of Knowing BrosSuper Junior‘s Shindong recently made a shocking confession regarding the guests, aespa.

aespa on “Knowing Bros” | JTBC

Aespa recently came back with “Savage” and to promote their comeback track, they made a guest appearance on Knowing Bros. Showing off their individual charms and performing a song medley, the 4 members made quite an impression with the show’s cast. It was during the episode’s preview, however, that Shindong revealed something surprising with everyone watching.

Super Junior’s Shindong | JTBC

The Super Junior member surprised everyone by confessing, “I discovered Karina before SM Entertainment.” He shared that back in 2015 when he was serving his mandatory military service, he actually met Karina when she was just in middle school. According to his story, Karina had attended a military event where Shindong happened to be serving out his service and asked the boy group member to take a photo.

Photo of Shindong (left) and pre-debut Karina (right) on her old social media account. Caption: “I saw Shindong today!!!!!!! I’m so excited because this is my first ever picture with a celebrity……..” | theqoo

Shindong recalled their meeting by stating, “The moment I saw Karina, I wanted to cast her into SM Entertainment. However, I was in the military so there was no way for me to contact the agency.” 

As destiny would have it, Karina would eventually join SM Entertainment shortly after her meeting with Shindong, where she would go on to become the leader of aespa. During her time on the show, Karina shared that “Shindong was the first celebrity” she ever saw.


Aespa’s upcoming Knowing Bros episode will be airing on October 23, 2021, but in the meantime, be sure to watch the girl group’s preview down below!

Source: Star Daily News