Super Junior’s Sungmin And His Wife Talk About Their Controversial Kiss Performance

They finally address it.

Super Junior member Sungmin and his wife, Kim Sa Eun recently made their first appearance as a couple on an episode of Wife’s Taste.

Still from “Wife’s Taste” | TV Chosun

Sungmin and his wife, Kim Sa Eun recently made an appearance on TV Chosun‘s Wife’s Taste, where they took the time to talk about their life as a married couple. The couple, who has now been married for 7 years reminisce about their first meeting and how their relationship began.

It was the middle of winter, but I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and shorts. I had just finished our musical practice and realized it was really cold outside. At that time, Sa Eun-sshi came out of practice so I asked her for a ride home.

— Sungmin

Still from “Wife’s Taste” | TV Chosun

Kim Sa Eun shared her side of the story by honestly revealing her fear of their shared car ride.

I didn’t take him all the way home, but stopped midway and let him out. I was a little wary since he was such a famous idol. I had to make a boundary.

— Kim Sa Eun

Still from “Wife’s Taste” | TV Chosun

She confessed, however, that her boundaries were useless when she realized how good of a match they were.

At first, I worked hard to create a wall between us. We got along so well, however, that it was useless. Even if we decided to remain as friends, I believe we would have become best friends.

— Kim Sa Eun

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Finally, the time had come for the two to talk about the controversial kiss performance that they showcased on Miss Trot 2. When comedian Park Seul Gi asked, “wasn’t it (performance) too strong”, this is how the couple answered.

There are a lot of kiss scenes in musicals.

— Sungmin

Controversial kiss performance on “Miss Trot 2” | TV Chosun

His wife, Kim Sa Eun agreed and added on by saying,

I didn’t realize it would become such a big deal. I was shocked. I think we were more shocked (than netizens).

— Kim Sa Eun

Headlines after the kiss performance | TV Chosun

Kim Sa Eun had previously competed as a contestant on Miss Trot 2 before she was eliminated. During a sudden death match, Kim Sa Eun invited her husband up on stage with her for an elaborate performance. While her vocals and stage presence were eye catching, it was the seductive dance number that she did with Sungmin that truly captivated her audience. They eventually went on to share a deep kiss on the stage, shocking the judges, audience and viewers. After their performance, the married couple received scrutiny for sharing an intimate moment on national television.

| TV Chosun

You can catch the segment featuring Super Junior’s Sungmin and his wife, Kim Sa Eun on Wife’s Taste down below.

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