Super Junior Makes Reference To The Current Situation Between SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man, And Kakao On Live Stream

They kept things lighthearted for fans!

The recent feud between Lee Soo Man and SM Entertainment‘s current management, aided by Kakao, is all everyone can talk about in the industry of late. After Lee Soo Man stepped down from the company, he announced that he was suing his former workplace, disputing the sale of shares to Kakao, and doubting its legality.

Most of SM Entertainment’s artists have kept mum, apart from veteran actor Kim Min Jong, who sent out a company-wide email through his manager’s work address.

Kim Min Jong. | Vagabond

Super Junior, on the other hand, took things in their trademark carefree way. The boys are currently on tour, but it didn’t stop them from weighing in. On a YouTube live stream, Leeteuk and Ryeowook casually brought up the situation. They make reference to the issue at hand, although they admit that they cannot spill too many beans.

In another situation, Ryeowook nibbled on some chocolate, commenting on the percentage of cacao to describe the taste to fans. Leeteuk was reminded of the feud and repeated the term back to him.

Kakao” and “cacao” are pronounced and written the exact same way in Korean.

  • Ryeowook: ” About 70% cacao?”
  • Leeteuk: “Kakao…?”
  • Ryeowook: “No, stop.”
  • Leeteuk: “Why?”
  • Ryeowook: “I’m scared.”

Fans were tickled at their antics, finding humor their couldn’t-care-less attitude about the company’s politics.

The boys also hilariously mentioned Kwangya and its unclear future. If Lee Soo Man continues to feud with SM Entertainment, the IPs created under him and Like Planning, including the Kwangya concept, could be taken away from SM Entertainment.

Their humorous approach to the situation helped calm fans down and entertained ELFs even, despite the uncertainty of the future.

Super Junior