SuperM Facing Heavy Controversy For How East Sea Was Labelled On Their Map

But it wasn’t SuperM’s fault.

SuperM‘s Twitter account recently shared a post captioned “Here for you” along with a link to their new English site, but they were soon hit with heavy controversy due to how the East Sea was labeled on their map.

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The post linked followers to a website that showed a world map showing how many fans from each region sent a fan letter SuperM’s way.

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Meanwhile, the sea located between Korea and Japan was labeled as the “Sea of Japan”, which did not sit well for many.

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Moreover, fans were not happy about the fact that the islands located between Korea and Japan which Koreans refer to as “Dokdo” were labeled as “Liancourt Rocks.”

While Korea believes that the sea east of them should be referred to as the “East Sea,” Japan argues that it should be the “Sea of Japan” since it’s separated from the Pacific Ocean by the Japanese Archipelago.

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In addition, there is a territorial dispute between Korea and Japan over what Korea calls “Dokdo.”

Korean netizens were outraged by SuperM’s map which was expressed in their comments.

  • What’s wrong with them?
  • If they were going to copy Google Maps, they should’ve checked the labels first.
  • They shouldn’t be surprised that they’re getting cussed out in Korea for this.
  • Wow, they must be crazy.

The map has since been taken down from the website.

Source: Wikitree