Supernova’s Yoonhak Announces His Recovery From COVID-19

Yoonhak faced controversy after it was revealed that he visited a prostitute following his COVID-19 infection.

Supernova‘s Yoonhak, who was the first celebrity in Korea to contract COVID-19, announced his recovery after 45 days and apologized for the inconvenience and worry he may have caused.

Yoonhak stated,

I am very sorry for causing inconvenience to fans and everyone involved. But thanks to you, I was able to be discharged from the hospital. Thanks to the many encouragements and motivation, I was able to finish my treatment with strong will. Thank you very much.

– Yoonhak

Furthermore, Yoonhak’s Japanese agency stated,

Following Yoonhak’s diagnosis with COVID-19, he was hospitalized in Seoul on April 1. After a month of treatments, Yoonhak was discharged on May 15. He will continue to take care of his health so that he can resume his activities.

– Yoonhak’s Agency

Yoonhak was diagnosed with COVID-19 on April 1, shortly after his landing in Korea from Japan, but his case stirred up controversy when it was revealed that he visited a prostitute in Gangnam, who was later also diagnosed with COVID-19.

Supernova Member Exposed for Meeting Prostitute Following His Positive COVID-19 Test Result

Regarding the rumors accusing Yoonhak of infecting the prostitute, Yoonhak claimed,

I never entered the adult entertainment establishment. I just dropped by to meet with Ms. A on my way home.

– Yoonhak

Before testing positive for COVID-19 in Korea, most of Yoonhak’s activities took place in Japan, but all of his upcoming schedules in both Japan and Korea have now been put to a halt.

Source: Naver News