Former “Superstar K” Contestant Choi Young Tae Sentenced To Prison For Scamming Used Goods Buyers

He promised to change.

It’s been reported that former Superstar K contestant, Choi Young Tae has received a prison sentence.

According to King of Journalist and Ilyo News reporter, Kim Tae Hyun, the amount of money Choi Young Tae was indicted for by posting items to sell on a used goods website only to take the victims’ money and never give them the purchased item was around ₩60.0 million KRW (about $54,900 USD) not including the ₩40.0 million KRW (about $36,600 USD) he was already charged for with 2 years in probation.

| King Of Journalist/YouTube

Despite King of Journalist having put together a petition leading to the demand of a 4.5-year sentence by the prosecution, it was revealed that Choi Young Tae was ultimately sentenced to 1 year in prison.

| King Of Journalist/YouTube

In the following testimony, Choi Young Tae reportedly shed tears as he promised to change.

I’m reflecting upon my actions. Once I’ve served my sentence, I promise to return as a changed man.

— Choi Young Tae

Back in 2011, Choi Young Tae appeared on Superstar K as a promising musician and was even praised by Lee Seung Chul for his cover of “Without Any Words”.


But later in 2018, he was charged for putting up an advertisement to sell audio equipment only to never send the item to the buyer.

| King Of Journalist/YouTube

When he later posted the same advertisement 2 months later, he was charged for fraud by the first buyer of the product.

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