Suzy Then Vs. Suzy Now: Her 2021 Take On Miss A’s Hit Songs Has The Internet Swooning

A whole queen then, a whole queen now.

Suzy, as K-Pop’s most successful idol-turned-actress, recently hosted an online fan concert A Tempo in celebration of her 10th anniversary.

Suzy | @skuukzky/Instagram

Having once been postponed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the concert attracted 984,000+ viewers.

KakaoTV’s Live “Suzy 10th Anniversary Fan-Cert [A Tempo]. | KakaoTV
For her loyal fans, Suzy recreated her debut-day glory by performing miss A‘s hit songs — like “Bad Girl Good Girl”, “Only You”…

miss A | JYP Entertainment

… even “Breathe” and “Hush”.

Suzy’s 2021 version performances have K-Pop fans inevitably looking back to 2010, when the 17-year-old Suzy debuted as the golden maknae of the group.

She hasn’t changed at all, right?

In fact, Suzy has only grown more beautiful, talented, and loved around the world since her debut. So it isn’t at all surprising that her online concert performances have taken over the internet!

| KakaoM

Wrapping up, Suzy promised:

My endeavor as a solo artist is still ongoing. I’m currently working on an album release for the near future. Please hang in there — and soon, I’ll surprise you with a good album.

— Suzy

Congratulations to Suzy on a decade of blessing K-Pop with her presence. Go queen!

Source: theqoo