Learn To Flirt Like A Pro — Suzy Gives Tips On How To Win Someone Over

Here’s her secret.

Actress Suzy recently guested on Jo Hyuna’s Thursday Night. Not only did she entertain fans with her gorgeous singing voice, she also gave out tips on how to flirt.

MC and singer Jo Hyuna asked Suzy for tips on how to get someone to fall for her, lamenting that she was still single.

There was one tip for a smile that Suzy had heard of before. The key is to show your gums slightly, rather than simply smiling widely. According to Suzy, one can achieve the look by closing your mouth first, then parting your lips against your teeth.


The effect is a smile that makes you look naive and sweet. Suzy warned viewers that one could look a little foolish at first, but once you master it, it should have the desired effect.


Of course, Jo Hyuna and netizens agreed that it might have only worked because Suzy did it.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Suzy doesn’t need to do anything. I’ll propose to her even if she just stays still.
  • Materials to prepare: Suzy
  • If you try to imitate it in the mirror, you’ll just become a girl that shows her gums…
  • But you’re Suzy.
  • It’s my fault for getting my hopes up.

Perhaps the best way to flirt is just to be pretty after all.


Source: theqoo and Jo Hyuna's Thursday Night


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