Netizens Debate If Suzy’s Makeup Artists Did Her Dirty With A Dramatic New Style

There are mixed opinions on the new look.

Suzy recently stepped out in a brand new makeup style. However, some people are questioning whether the change was the right move.

Suzy | @skuukzky/Instagram

Previously, Suzy has sported softer makeup looks, such as these selfies, that let her doe eyes shine and add a pop of color to her lips.

| @skuukzky/Instagram

She wowed fans with her beauty at a Longines event in Seoul. However, her bold makeup style received mixed opinions from netizens.

| Osen
| SpoTV News

The makeup look gave her dramatic aegyo sal and warm shading at the edge of her eyes, along with full eyelashes, pink blush, and medium lips.

| SpoTV News
| SpoTV News

Some preferred her more natural style, especially her natural eyes without the contact lenses.

  • “It’s weird, she doesn’t have the aura of the Suzy I liked before and she looks average now”
  • “Her face shape looks different…? Looking at the comments, seems like I’m not the only one thinking like this”
  • “She does look like a different person here… she looked better before”
  • “She looks weird here, she looked better before”
| Sedaily

However, many others also loved Suzy’s new look as it felt like a throwback to her debut era with Miss A.

  • “She looks like her Miss A daysㅋㅋㅋㅋ her prettiness is a default”
  • “Too pretty”
  • “Am I the only one who finds her freaking pretty here?”
  • “The best beauty”
  • “She kind of looks like her debut days and she still looks pretty but I prefer her old makeup. But who cares? Suzy is everything…”
| TV Report
| TV Report

It all comes down to personal preference which style is preferred.

| MHN Sports

One thing is for sure: Suzy herself looks stunning!

| XSportsNews

Check out more photos of Suzy from the Longines event below.

| News 1
| MHN Sports
Source: theqoo


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