Suzy will melt your heart in newest soju advertisement

The nation’s first love shows her immense charm as the latest model for Lotte‘s soju, Chum Churum.

On September 29th, Lotte released two CF’s, showing fans the many sides of Suzy as a girl trying to impress her sunbae and as a girl enjoying an evening with a group of friends. In the first CF, Suzy enjoys a drink with her sunbae as she tries to impress him with her cute antics, which makes him laugh.

In the second CF, Suzy is bored at a dinner party as her guests are preoccupied with their cell phones around the table. As she snatches a cell phone away from the camera, she shares the phone’s contents with the rest of the table before making a joke.

While Suzy has been known as the “queen of CF’s”, this will be her first alcohol commercial as she joins the ranks previous Chum Churum models,  Hyuna, Lee Hyori, and Shin Min Ah. Suzy is said to invoke a pure and fresh charm that the Lotte company was interested in, causing them to choose Suzy as their newest model.

Recently, there have been rumors circulating of Suzy’s potential solo debut album set to air in December.  Suzy has also been honored with a wax statue of herself at the Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in Hong Kong.

Check out the refreshing and pure charms of Suzy in the commercials below!

Sources: Lotte Liquor