Swedish Fish (Yes, The Candy) Is Simping For BTS’s Jin

Get in line, Swedish Fish!

Who knew that a song about a fish would rule our hearts and minds?

All thanks to BTS‘s Worldwide Handsome and pro fisher Jin, we can’t stop singing and dancing to his new song “Super Tuna.” But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Despite being released at the end of the year, it has become the song of the year!

It’s completely taken over the internet, becoming a global movement. It’s a hit for all ages!

And it’s inspired quite a few memes and funny reactionsSeriously though, let us pretend to be a tuna so Jin can reel us in. 

Now, we’re, of course, not the only ones simping for Jin around here. To be fair, who isn’t?

BTS’s Jin | Weverse

The latest to confess to be Jin-biased is Swedish Fish. Yes, the fish-shaped, chewy candy.

| Swedish Fish via Amazon

Swedish Fish’s official Twitter account shared a simp emoji meme, hashtagging both “#JIN” and “#SUPERTUNA.” They captioned it, “JIN TAKE MEEEE, I can be your super fish,” offering to be the fish that Jin might be looking for. Swedish Fish is down bad for him!

But as ARMY points out, there’s a line already…

Source: @SwedishFish