“Sweet Home” Actress Lee Si Young’s Viral TikTok Video Leaves The Internet Completely Bamboozled

“This has to be real…???”

Since the blockbuster Netflix K-Drama Sweet Home, actress Lee Si Young received a lot of attention…

Actress Lee Si Young | Netflix

… especially after she showed off her gorgeous fit bod as the firefighter character.

Knowing her past glories as a successful professional boxer though…

Lee Si Young as a professional boxer. | SSTV

… fans had been amazed but not too surprised by how ripped-AF and strong Lee Si Young seemed!

| Netflix

Well, that is… until she uploaded a jaw-dropping video on her TikTok account @leesiyoung38. In this video, she casually crushes the heck out of a whole watermelon after her husband pulls a playful prank on her.

Yes, you read that correctly. 🍉 A whole watermelon. Crushed.

The video, uploaded October 2020, has since gone viral — now standing at 4.1M views. And it continues to leave the internet feeling simply bamboozled.

| @leesiyoung38/TikTok

Some believe the watermelon had been cut prior to filming, but others believe — you know, with Lee Si Young being Lee Si Young and all — she may have actually done it.

| theqoo

The truth is yet to be revealed, but the lesson has been shared loud and clear.

Don’t mess with Lee Si Young when she’s eating!

@leesiyoung38먹을때 방해하지마 ##이시영 ##먹방 ##mukbang ##acting ##우쥬록스♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 이시영

Don’t bother me when I’m eating.

— Lee Si Young

Source: theqoo
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