T.O.P Media reveals L.Joe has refused to work with TEEN TOP any longer

On the afternoon of February 9, T.O.P Media officially issued a second statement regarding the situation with TEEN TOP member L.Joe.

After the initial news broke that L.Joe was withdrawing from TEEN TOP, T.O.P Media previously expressed that they wished for L.Joe to participate in the group’s comeback album scheduled for March. In their second statement however, they revealed that L.Joe had announced he will not participate in any activities after he requested his contract be nullified.

Read the translation of T.O.P Media’s full statement below:

It is true that L.Joe has made a one sided announcement requesting the nullification of his contract through our legal team. Although the company has requested that he partake in TEEN TOP’s activity for the 10 month remainder of his contract (until 2018 January 10th), he has refused to do so. L.Joe through his announcement demanding his contract be nullified, stated that he will no longer participate in any activities.

The company, along with the remaining members of the group, wish that TEEN TOP could be a group that lasts fora very long time.

This TEEN TOP come back album is their first official album after over a year of break and the members are trying to come together to work hard once again. L.Joe has finished his initial recording with the members but has since then filed for a nullification of his contract and stated that he will no longer participate.

We (the company and the 5 members) hope that he could continue to be active as a part of TEEN TOP for the remainder of his contract.

Furthermore, we apologise for the worry we have caused fans and promise that we will do our best to make sure TEEN TOP’s activities are carried out normally.

– T.O.P Media

Fans had suspected that there was trouble brewing between L.Joe and the company based on his activities on social media before the news even broke out:

Source: My Daily