Taecyeon Dishes On 2PM’s Comeback Preparation And Concept

They’re working hard for their fans!

2PM‘s Taecyeon recently sat down for an interview with Singles Korea where he discussed 2PM and their long awaited comeback!

Not to long ago, 2PM revealed they were preparing for a comeback and of course fans were overjoyed. Due to the members fulfilling their military service, 2PM’s last comeback was in 2016. Now that the group is only waiting on Junho’s discharge (March 20, 2021), the group reported that they are ready to get back on stage.

In his interview, Taecyeon shared some juicy details about the group’s comeback preparation.

Q: By the way, at the end of last year’s live, 2PM’s comeback was announced. Are you getting ready?

We are practicing, but we’re not absolutely sure if it’ll happen this year. We are planning things, but because a lot of different situations are overlapping, I think it’s essential  that we organize first.

— Taecyeon

He further explained that making an album and preparing for a comeback can not be done easily overnight. Preparing for a comeback is something that takes a lot of planning and organizing.

Because all of the members write music, each member has something different in mind. It’s not easy to decide what type of music should be our title song or which direction we should go in. Things will go smoothly once the song is decided on, but the members haven’t had the opportunity  to come to a decision. Well, the recent first round of trying failed. Making a comeback is something all the members are looking forward to, but I think we need more time.

— Taecyeon

The interview then turned to the topic of the group’s comeback concept. A lot has changed for 2PM and it’s members and fans are curious to know if they’ll keep their iconic manly concept.

A lot of people remember us for that, but isn’t there a need for change since the members have grown? Members that were in their early-20s are now in their mid-30s, so the style of our team should also change.

— Taecyeon

Whatever concept the group decides on, fans know they’ll definitely kill it!

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