“Amazing Saturday” Cast Reveals How Taeyeon Got Tipsy And Fell Asleep At A Company Dinner, Causing People To Forget She Was There

True story.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has recently joined the cast of Amazing Saturday following Girl’s Day Hyeri‘s departure. But it seems like she has already won the hearts of the rest of the panel! Shin Dong Yub shared that he was extremely touched by Taeyeon recently.

Taeyeon had finished up her schedules in the afternoon and would’ve been extremely tired. However, she made it a point to join the cast and crew of Amazing Saturday for a company dinner.

The cast were extremely thankful that she went out of her way to participate in the gathering, despite her busy day. Park Na Rae shared that eventually Taeyeon had gotten tipsy and fell asleep with her head down on the table. Taeyeon is known amongst fans to not be able to hold her alcohol.

As her manager was concerned she would get cold, the manager placed a long down jacket over her. However, as more people entered the restaurant, they mistook her spot for an empty one used to hold jackets.

Soon, Taeyeon was buried under a pile of jackets.

What was hilarious was that no one had noticed until the manager returned after 30 minutes and started frantically digging Taeyeon out of the pile.

What an interesting first company dinner for Taeyeon! Check out the hilarious re-telling of the story below.

Source: Featured Image and theqoo

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