Taeyeon Says She Apologized To Taxi Driver She Crashed Into, Other victims are not talking to her

Taeyeon caused a car accident that involved 3 cars including hers. 

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon In A 3-Car Accident, 4 people sent to the hospital

SM Entertainment released a statement promptly and admitted that the accident was caused by Taeyeon’s careless driving.

SM Entertainment Releases A Statement About Taeyeon’s Car Accident

After that official statement, there have been no other statements released by either SM or Taeyeon herself.

This has caused lots of confusion and conflicting reports from alleged witnesses/victims. 

Victims And Witnesses of Taeyeon’s Car Accident Reveal Alleged Unfair Treatment

However, Taeyeon replied to people on her Instagram asking about the accident and if she apologized to the victims. 

It was not a public statement but this is from her personal Instagram so it is an official update regarding Taeyeon’s current status. 

“I apologize for making you worry. I have apologized to the taxi driver and the rest of the people [involved in the accident] do not wish to speak to me…

I have replied because there seems to be some confusion. I will drive carefully from now on. I apologize for causing such a worry.

— Taeyeon


“Yes, I plan to do that, I will be more careful from now on.”

— Taeyeon