Taeyeon’s Fans Are Gearing Up To Sue Malicious Commenters On Her Behalf

They are not taking this lightly.

The internet was in an uproar yesterday when news broke out that Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and VIXX‘s Ravi had been dating for a year. While the news has since been proven false by both respective labels, it has been the talk of the town since. In the midst of the craziness, Taeyeon’s loyal fans have decided to step up and take matters into their own hands.

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On a dedicated Instagram fan page for the Girls’ Generation member, a warning was posted regarding their stance on malicious commenters. Here is what the post says.

We are collecting any evidence in relation to illegal activities or malicious comments related to personal morality or defamation towards artist Taeyeon. The defamation caused by false information, as well as any posting related to the artist that are confirmed as facts are considered timely defamation. This is also considered an illegal act, which can lead to legal punishment. We have received legal advice on this case.

— @taeyeon_union

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They continued on with their statement by sharing their firm legal plans and what they plan on doing with the data they collect.

We have been told any third-party accusation of the artist may also be subpoenaed and punished by the publisher. With this information, we have decided to collect all the data required to file a formal complaint. For cases that may not fall under third-party accusations, we will proceed with the required legal response with our legal team. We are warning you that we will be dealing with rumors that may damage Taeyeon’s reputation.

— @taeyeon_union

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Surprisingly, netizens have been loving the firm action that Taeyeon’s fans have been taking, supporting their decision to sue malicious commenters. Here is what K-netizens had to say.

  • “Let’s go!”
  • “I support Taeyeon and Taeyeon’s fans.”
  • **”Do you guys think people will leave malicious comments to Taeyeon?”
  • “I support you guys. This is how things will change one by one.”
  • “Hwaiting hwaiting.”
  • “I support your decision in suing.”
  • “Let’s punish the malicious commenters!”
  • **Response to above comment “I saw a lot of malicious comments about this dating news and I’m not a fan.”
  • “Hwaiting hwaiting.”
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K-Pop dating news can be taken negatively so we are relieved to see Taeyeon being supported by fans and non-fans alike. We hope that both Taeyeon and Ravi will come out of this unscathed from malicious comments.

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