The Informant From Taeyong’s Incident Releases An Update To Her Side Of The Story

It’s like it never ends…

Last week, Dispatch came up with an entire exposé including proof that the informant’s previous posts were fabricated and edited. A few days later, the informant strikes back with a response. To be honest, Mariah Carey may have put it best with her iconic song.

The post was uploaded on the same online community she used previously, Jjuckbbang, but was subsequently moved to anonymous community, PANN, by other users, as Jjukbbang is only for registered members.

Her post opens, “I know that many of you have been waiting but this is a situation in which I’d have to explain in detail and refute those claims again and I originally was planning to have an article written. However, as the conditions for the article wasn’t appropriate, it was rejected today. Honestly, I didn’t want to accept it and I trusted Victim A’s words wholeheartedly when I uploaded the original post. This is what I received initially” followed by a screenshot of a messenger conversation she had with Victim A.

The informant continued explaining that she was completely taken in by Victim A, and uploaded a recent message dated on the 26th of June 2020, exchanged with the victim asking for her to send over more proofs.

The informant can also be seen pleading with the victim to let sleeping dogs lie from here on out, as seen in a previous conversation dated 13th of October 2019. Given that the matter only blew up again this year, it can be inferred that the victim refused to do so.

The informant also exposed the victim to have been the one to suggest asking for compensation for mental health damages, although she was the one to bring it up during the meeting.

The informant also further stated that she didn’t know why SM Entertainment basically retracted their apology statement from previously, with the new statement released last week.

Lastly, with regards to the “victim” of the rolling paper incident that had spoken to Dispatch claiming that he felt upset that the informant was bringing up his issue without permission, the informant uploaded screenshots that showed she had previously left a comment asking him to contact her.

The informant also stated that Dispatch was careless in their articles, and had revealed her personal information, causing her ex-schoolmates to contact her out of the blue. She also claimed she was experiencing stress because of it and had to change all her online handles, and that Dispatch had singled her out as a target, even though she claimed all she did wrong was to put her trust in the wrong person.

As of this new information, many fans have turned to calling Victim A, “ex-victim” or “informant’s friend” given that they no longer see her as a victim. Some even call her out for her two-faced nature, given that she pretended to be friendly to Taeyong himself, while creating discord between him and the informant.

While things are unclear as to if any further clarification will be given from an official news outlet, we sincerely hope that this is the end to the entire debacle that has caused Taeyong and his fans much worry and hurt.

Source: PANN