[★TRENDING] Tao cries at his first public event since reports of departure from EXO

On May 2nd, Tao got emotional as he made his first public appearance since reports of him leaving EXO surfaced.

To celebrate his new movie You Are My Sunshine and birthday, Tao rented out a theater in Beijing, China and invited fans to watch the film with him.

During the birthday party held after watching the movie, Tao expressed this gratitude for those who support him, revealing that he feels extremely happy to be able to share one of his best moments with his beloved fans, while in tears.

Tao expressed, “I will fulfill the promises that I made to all of you. Please give me some time and I will come back and stand before all of you again.

While there was a Q&A session with Tao personally answering questions submitted by fans, Tao did not comment on the ongoing dispute with SM Entertainment, leaving fans still wondering about the progress of the situation.

Check out a short clip of the event below!

Source: Sina and Sohu