TARGET Does The WAP Dance Challenge For Fans To Celebrate 2 Million TikTok Followers

It finally happened! 😮

The K-Pop boy group TARGET has gained a lot of fans recently due to TikTok. Their popularity continues to increase due to the members’ engagement with followers on the app. They oftentimes reference commenters with their videos and captions.

When their maknae Woojin realized that his group shared a name with an American retail store, he posted a green screen video in which he danced in front of it. The members also will specify that they are the “idol group, not the store.”


Target woojin came to the mart target~!!!!!!!!my instagram 👉👉 wooji_nii

♬ Do It Again – ..

When fans realized that the members do read their comments, they started to test the limits. For months, followers have been commenting, asking for at least one of the members to dance to “WAP” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

| @target_official/TikTok
| @target_official/TikTok

After TARGET hit 2 million followers on TikTok, they knew they had to celebrate in a big way, perhaps by doing the WAP. Some fans even teasingly threatened them that if they didn’t do the WAP dance challenge, they’d leave them for Walmart.

| @target_official/TikTok

G.I teased the fans by acknowledging their request in a caption on one of his videos doing a different dance. At this point, fans were convinced that TARGET had actually already done the WAP challenge and saved the video in their drafts.


Yea It’s me GI! I know u guys want a WAP dance! But first, I’m gonna post other TikToks! Cuz I wanna see ur love! My IG is here 👉 gi_6to5

♬ 셀럽별거없다 CELEB – 이짜나언짜나 (EZUZ)

After months of persuasion, G.I finally gave in to the pressure, and fans finally got what they asked for! He celebrated their milestone of 2 million followers by doing the highly requested WAP dance challenge.


Hey friends! It’s ur frog and Bunny GI! I just wanted to keep my promise wit u! Cuz u r my precious friends! Luv u all! My IG is here 👉 gi_6to5 #wap

♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

Many were shocked, to say the least, as no one expected anyone from TARGET to actually do it. A lot of fans commented words of thanks and love for G.I.

No one can ever question whether or not TARGET love their fans or not. Stan a group that’s willing to embarrass themselves in TikTok challenges for you. 😂

Source: TARGET_official