Dancer Taro Calls Out Hate Comments After Her Dance Battle With Lee Chaeyeon On “Street Woman Fighter”

She called out the haters.

Mnet’s latest variety show, Street Woman Fighter, has been the talk of town. Recently, the show got into controversy as many claimed that it was portraying some of the dancers in a bad light with evil editing. Viewers also took issue with the fact that the show was portraying former IZ*ONE‘s Lee Chaeyeon as someone that other dancers picked on.

In a preliminary dance battle, dancer Taro from the Holy Bang team had picked Chaeyeon as her opponent. Ultimately, Taro lost to Chaeyeon. It seems like she had been receiving hate comments for her choice of opponent for she stepped up to address the hate.

Please stop~! Have a battle with me~! The sacrificial lamb to the development and growth storyline is slowly getting annoyed~!

— Taro

She coupled it with a screenshot of lyrics from EXO‘s “Growl”.

She further updated to show that she would not let it get her down.

I love all comments, bad or good. I still haven’t shown all of my skills from the 10 years of my dance life that can be considered both short and long, so please show lots of interest to Taro and Holy Bang in the future. (That’s right, I’m originally a provocative Lord of the Underworld!)

— Taro

Catch the tense battle between the two below.