TASTY files lawsuit against SM C&C to nullify contract

According to multiple Korean media sources, duo group TASTY has filed a lawsuit against SM C&C for the nullification of their contracts.TASTY, a Chinese-Korean group consisting of twin brothers Daeryong and Soryong, has recently expressed that they would be leaving their agency Woollim Entertainment despite not having the consent of the agency to do so. SM C&C, the mother company of Woollim, is now involved in a lawsuit with the members of the group.

Many Korean media experts are voicing their opinion the case, which appears to be very similar to that of the former Chinese members of EXO. Woollim told Star News, “TASTY has recently filed an official lawsuit to nullify their contracts through the court and the company is planning a counter-lawsuit against them.”

The members of TASTy has stated on July 15th, “We are putting an end to our 8 years in Korea. There are things we cannot agree on with the company, and after long thought, we have come to our conclusion.” (Full statement here).

Woollim Entertainment had previously expressed their surprise at the one-sided announcement, and again expressed befuddlement when the two brothers stated that they would be making a comeback in China only six days after their announcement that they would leave Korea.

Woolim Entertainment previously stated, “TASTY’s contract with Woollim Entertainment is still in effect, and any promotion or release of albums in China is clearly a breach of contract. They must talk to us either via phone or face to face, not via SNS channels.”

However, the brothers are stating on SNS that they are attempting to contact Woollim, but Woollim is being unresponsive.

Source: Star News