Taxi Service Accused Of Previously Causing Car Accident Involving BTS, Sparking New Debate On Sasaeng Behavior

The taxis follow idols around.

Sasaeng behavior, behavior which leads to the invasion of someone’s privacy, has always been a topic of debate in the K-Pop world. While many fans condemn such behavior, sasaengs continue to exist and cause problems for the idols.

EXO guarding the bathroom to prevent sasaengs | Abbey

In Taiwan, a taxi service that assists fans in following K-Pop idols around has gained popularity in recent years. With this service, taxis wait with fans outside of K-Pop idols’ hotels and follow their vehicles when they go out to sightsee, shop, and eat.

However, this kind of service has also been subjected to a lot of backlash, with netizens accusing them of enabling sasaeng behavior. Recently, a netizen condemned the taxi service with a strongly worded Facebook post.

It’s so disgusting that the taxi service hasn’t gone out of business and gained even more fans. They provide private taxis and follow artists’ vehicles to places. That’s utterly sasaeng behavior, but there are actually people who support and rationalize what they do. It makes me laugh. People always say artists have no privacy, but they don’t think about who’s causing that. So funny.

– Netizen

The netizen also accused that particular taxi service of causing a car accident involving BTS when the group visited Taiwan back in 2018.

I still remember people booking the taxi service to follow BTS when they came to Taiwan in 2018. I went to their Facebook page to scold them, but they blocked me! Have people forgotten the BTS car accident caused by people following them? People really don’t remember the lessons learned.

Of course, that Facebook page denied everything immediately and said they’re not involved, but just think about it. Would you be able to laugh if this kind of service leads to a car accident involving an artist? Right, I’m a self-proclaimed advocate. Booking a taxi to follow someone is disgusting.

People even say that they provide good service. Those who follow artists to private schedules are sasaengs. It’s disgusting, and they deserve the hate.

– Netizen

Taxis following an artist in Taiwan | @jdzcity
However, the taxi service disagreed with the netizen’s claims in a strongly-worded Facebook post of their own.

Why are people not allowed to follow idols around?
Why is following idols around being equated to sasaeng behavior?
Of the places we follow idols to, which ones aren’t public?
Sasaengs sneak into dorms or hotels, ring the doorbell, knock on the door, steal personal items, install spy cams, set up GPS…etc. Did we do any of that?

Since we always follow them in public places, bystanders are often curious and start filming them. They even ask who the idols are but don’t even know who they are once we answer. Are they sasaengs too?

Please don’t give ‘following idols around’ a bad name. If the artist isn’t popular enough, who would want to follow them? And book a taxi? I’ve seen a few artists where the number of fans who follow them is less than the number of security guards.

– Taxi Service

The taxi service also denied having any involvement with the BTS car accident back in 2018. They even received praise from netizens back when the accident happened.

The car accident with BTS happened because their vehicle didn’t want to wait in traffic and tried to force its way. If they had just waited in traffic to get onto the highway, the car accident wouldn’t have happened.

– Taxi Service

Netizens defended the taxi service on their Facebook page.

  • It’s so funny. There’s always someone who is jealous~~ Basically, they have no financial means. They want to see their idol but don’t have money for it, so they’re complaining…I’ve met so many of them before.
  • You worked hard~ I’ve been following artists for many years. The taxi drivers are so nice.
  • You have always been adhering to safety principles while following artists. I support you.
  • You guys are nice. Keep it up. Good work.
  • Artists wouldn’t be artists without the fans!
The taxi service continues to post pictures and videos of K-Pop idols taken outside restaurants and stores after following them from their hotel.