A Fan For THE BOYZ’s Younghoon Sets The Bar High As She Scales A Whole Mountain For Him — Literally

It was sub zero degree weather.

A fan on Twitter recently went viral when she uploaded a picture of her fansign environment. While most fans rent rooms to decorate or set up a corner of their desk for the once-in-a-lifetime moment, @00wa9wa9 took things to the next level — literally! She scaled Hallasan in Jeju Island to give her favorite boy, THE BOYZ‘s Younghoon, a treat.

Not only did she climb the mountain, she brought a foldable table, a PC stand and a whole Macbook up with her. She shared that she practically had to dig a hole in the ground just for the table to remain upright.

| @00wa9wa9/Twitter

Talk about going the extra mile! We’re just amazed she managed to get internet all the way up there with her handphone as a hotspot. What carrier does she subscribe to? Also, how did her Macbook not freeze? So many questions.

The reason she did all this though, was simple. Younghoon loves snow! She wanted to bring him to a Winter Wonderland for the fansign. Younghoon looked so touched at her grand gesture.

He even showed concern for her wellbeing and told her to zip up her jacket when he heard she was on a high mountain. It was well into the sub zeroes up there.

  • Younghoon: “Where are you?”
  • Fan: “Here? Winterland! LOL it’s Hallasan.”
  • Younghoon: “Does your data work there? Isn’t it cold? Zip up your jacket, hurry. No but you’d have to have to be standing around to wait for the video call. Thank you so much.”

What an innovative idea! Props to the fan for making such a huge effort to see him smile.