A BTS Fan’s Brother Worked At Jungkook’s Apartment, And He Has Nothing But Praise For Him

A fan shared her brother’s work story with ARMY.

What is BTS‘s Jungkook like at home? A technician who worked on Jungkook’s apartment only has good things to say about the superstar.

In October 2018, Jungkook purchased an apartment in the luxurious “Seoul Forest Trimage” apartment complex for approximately 1.95 billion won ($1.74 million USD).

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The “Seoul Forest Trimage” is home to many idols. J-Hope bought an apartment there in 2016, and other residents include Super Junior‘s Siwon, Heechul, and Leeteuk, JYJ’s Jaejoong, and Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny.

On a Korean forum, an ARMY shared a photo of an autograph she received from Jungkook, as well as the sweet story behind it.

The OP’s brother is a technician who reportedly installed a soundproof vocal booth in Jungkook’s apartment.


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“My younger brother got it for me,”she wrote. “He went to [Jungkook’s] place twice and said that he was really nice. He also ordered delicious food for my brother and let him use his restroom (laughs).” 

Jungkook’s kindness toward employees is well-documented, and it’s one of the many reasons why fans admire him so much. For more, check out these heartwarming interactions between Jungkook and the people around him.

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