Teen Top to continue as a 5 member group

Following L.Joe‘s departure from the group, Teen Top will be continuing promotions as 5 members.

L.Joe shocked Teen Top fans in February when he announced he would be leaving the group and filing a lawsuit against TOP Media. TOP Media has been attempting to settle their differences with L.Joe but after more than a month, no progress has been made.

Teen Top’s comeback has been delayed as TOP Media try to get L.Joe to return to the group. Unfortunately for Teen Top fans, known to the group as Angels, TOP Media has confirmed that L.Joe is no longer a part of the group and will not participate in their new album.

Check out TOP Media’s full statement below.

“Hello, this is TOP Media.

We would like to talk to all of the fans who are waiting for news of Teen Top’s new album.

We have decided to re-organize Teen Top’s second full album to only include the 5 members C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo.

The Teen Top members and our company have been asking L.Joe to return to the group and this is why the release date of the album has been delayed. However, since L.Joe expressed that he was not willing to participate in Teen Top’s promotions anymore, we decided that putting off the group’s comeback would hurt the members and after a long discussion, came to this decision.

We will confirm the release date and comeback schedule of Teen Top’s second full album as soon as possible and let the fans know.

We hope all of the fans understand.

Thank you.”

TOP Media

Source: Donga