Teen Top’s Maknae Members Celebrate 9 Year Anniversary With Heartfelt Messages

Happy 9th, Teen Top!

Teen Top is now a veteran group in the K-Pop biz with 9 years under the belt. And to celebrate, the group’s youngest members Ricky and Changjo updated their personal Instagram accounts with heartfelt messages thanking the fans for their undying love and support.


Ricky shared that he believes the fans are what held Teen Top together over so many years. In a handwritten message, Ricky promised to “keep improving” for the loyal fans who have stayed by his side since debut and over the nine long years.

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Dear Angel, this is Ricky from Teen Top, which is now 9 years old. I can’t believe it has been 9 years already. And I know you guys are what held the team together over so many years. It makes me truly happy to see how time only makes our bond stronger. No matter where I go, you angels are with me and that gives me so much strength. Here’s to more years to come as Teen Top and its Angels. Thank you for everything, always, and I promise to keep improving. I love you all.

— Ricky


Changjo, in the caption of a Teen Top group picture he uploaded, also thanked the fans for giving meaning to the members and their musical endeavors. He also promised the group of five will stay together forever for the fans.

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우리를 진심으로 사랑해주시는 엔젤들❤️ 항상 감사함을 느끼며 살아가고 있습니다. 앞으로도 좋은 무대 좋은 음악을 하며 항상 좋은 모습만 보여드리고 싶습니다. ⠀ 여러분들이 보내주시는 응원들 관심들 모두 소중하다는 것을 잊지 않겠습니다. ⠀ 여러분들이 있기에 아직도 저희는 음악 그리고 무대를 할 수 있고, ⠀ 여러분들이 있기에 틴탑이 9주년까지 올 수 있었습니다. ⠀ 앞으로도 저희 5명은 여러분들 곁에 있겠다고 약속할께요. ⠀ 창조로서도 무궁무진한 모습을 보여드릴께요. 감사하며 또 감사합니다. ⠀ #틴탑 #엔젤 #9주년

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To the angels who truly love us, we are forever grateful. We will continue to make good music and put on good performances in return of your endless loyalty to us. We will never forget how precious your love and support is. It is because of you guys that we can continue to perform and create music. It is because of you guys that Teen Top could have been together 9 years. The five of us promise to keep staying together by your side. And I also promise to keep showing you all that I can as Teen Top’s Changjo too. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

— Changjo


Teen Top fans are now trending the congratulatory hashtags “#이자리_지킬게_9주년_축하해_틴탑” and “TEENTOP9VERSARY” in celebration of the anniversary marking their adventure of nine beautiful years together. They also eagerly await Teen Top’s 9th anniversary concert to be held July 13-14, 2019.

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