Teen Top Admits “No More Perfume On You” Lyrics Are Complete Trash

They had no idea what the lyrics, which were written by BigHit’s Bang Si Hyuk, meant at the time.

On the most recent episode of Mnet‘s TMI News, Teen Top revealed their true thoughts on their 2011 song, “No More Perfume On You”.

The hit song, which is about a man who is cheating on his girlfriend with an older woman, was written by BigHit Entertainment‘s Bang Si Hyuk.

A few of the more shocking lyrics include “Don’t spray perfume or I’ll get caught by my girlfriend” and “Don’t put on sparkles or it’ll get on my clothes“.

And regarding such lyrics, Changjo revealed his true thoughts.

Our song is pretty intense. The song is saying, ‘I’m cheating right now, so don’t wear any sparkles. I might get caught by my girlfriend if you do.’ It’s total trash.

— Changjo

When Teen Top sang the song, they were all in their teens.

So naturally, they didn’t know what the lyrics actually meant at the time.

We didn’t understand the lyrics at the time. I just remember us singing it in a happy way. I thought it was a love confession to a ‘noona.’

— Changjo

We only recently learned what the lyrics mean. We didn’t know the guy was cheating.

— Ricky and Niel

Regarding the questionable lyrics, Niel acknowledged that it might make some people uncomfortable, and as such, he jokingly made a shocking announcement.

If these lyrics make you feel uncomfortable… we’ll never sing it ever again.

— Niel

Check out the full clip below:

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