Thai Actress Davikah Gets A Birthday “Gift” From IU, Much To The Envy Of The World

Just two Queens meeting.

Thai actress Davikah Hoorne got the best birthday gift on May 16, 2023! To the envy of many, she stole a kiss from one of South Korea’s most famous and beloved singers.

Davikah was invited to South Korea to attend Gucci‘s Cruise Show held at the Gyungbok Palace. After spending the evening watching the show, she headed for the after-party to hobnob with the hottest stars. There, she managed to talk to IU and they bonded over their shared birthday. Both stars were born on May 16! Davikah wished IU a happy birthday before motioning for a kiss.

IU obliged with a sweet kiss on the cheek before shyly covering her mouth as she smiled. According to Davikah, she also gave IU a birthday gift! Everyone was green with envy at how Davikah managed to walk away with a smooch from “the nation’s younger sister.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Insane. I’m so ejalous.
  • Wow.
  • I’m back again to rewatch it. Seeing that is also so fresh, haha. But I’m so jealous.
  • Insane. I’m soooo jealous. Unnie…
  • Wow, but it’s such an unfamiliar sight to see IU doing that… And she’s cute…
  • Ah, I’m f*cking jealous…
  • Jelly…

Davikah and IU have actually been running into each other at events since 2020!


Source: theqoo


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