The Whole World Reacts To Jonghyun’s Death, Sends Love And Support

Countries around the world are showing their love for Jonghyun in their own ways.

Fans are mourning SHINee‘s Jonghyun with memorials all around the world, due to not being able to attend his memorial service in Seoul.

To commemorate Jonghyun’s wonderful life and pay their respects, fans are gathering in their cities and holding vigils for him. Thousands of fans gathered in their cities, with candles, notes, flowers and more to remember him and share in their sorrows.

In Chile, fans created a memorial space in front of the Korean embassy to mourn his tragic death. The wall of Korean embassy in Chile was decorated with hundreds of flowers and candles from Shawols.

Chileans gathering for Jonghyun’s memorial service, organized by Shawols.

They brought pictures of Jonghyun and handwritten letters to pay tribute to Jonghyun. Fans also sang SHINee’s “Replay” together, fighting hard to hold back tears.

In Russia, fans made an absolutely gorgeous memorial space in front of the Korean embassy, with chamomiles and pearl aqua colored post-it notes to represent SHINee’s official fan club color.

Shawols in Russia gathered together to create this beautiful scene, in memory of Jonghyun.

In Taiwan, fans displayed tribute messages to Jonghyun on the wall of Taipei 101 building, the landmark of Taipei, Taiwan. It has been reported that Jonghyun’s fans in Taiwan gathered their money to pay to display the message.

“Jonghyun, Thank you. We were happy to have you. Kim Jonghyun, I wish you can live an ordinary life in your next life.”

— Taiwanese Shawols

Taiwanese fans paid to have this tribute displayed for Jonghyun.

Fans in New York gathered in Madison Square Park to pay their respects with candles in their hands for their idol Jonghyun.

Fans from New York gathered together to share photos of Jonghyun.
Shawols with their lighsticks in New York.
Flowers and candles were left beside Jonghyun’s picture, by fans from New York.

In the Philippines, fans gathered immediately, sharing their favorite memories of Jonghyun and posting notes with their messages to him. During the memorial service, they took a moment of silence to pay their respects.

Fans from Singapore sang SHINee’s song, “Replay”, together and commemorated his life with flowers and notes. They were even featured on national television, with Primetime News Asia covering the vigil.

Source: Insight

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