THE BOYZ Hyunjae’s Bubble Messages Spark Dating Rumors With IVE’s Gaeul

Is he being too obvious or are netizens reading into things?

Some old messages sent by THE BOYZ member Hyunjae (also known by his real name, Lee Jaehyun) have led netizens to speculate that he is dating IVE‘s Gaeul.

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Hyunjae had sent a few texts on the subscription-based messaging app Bubble, talking about his favorite season. He wrote that he likes Fall the best. Since “Fall” in Korean is Gaeul, his resurfaced text has now tipped off some suspicions.

| Nate Pann 

I like Fall (Gaeul) the most.


He then followed it up with another text saying he wished there was someone named Gaeul among the fans of his group.

| Nate Pann

I wish there were a The B (fandom name of The Boyz) named Gaeul.


Many netizens felt that he was very obviously insinuating the IVE member since he posted these messages on Gaeul’s birthday (September 24).

  • “But seriously, to say something on the day of Gaeul’s birthday is….”
  • “Agree, if he didn’t say it on her birthday, I would’ve just called out OP for being mentally ill, but why would he say that on her birthday… although there’s a higher chance that he doesn’t know that it was her birthday…”

However, fans felt that Hyunjae’s messages are unnecessarily being taken out of context to create rumors.

| Nate Pann
  • “He said he wished for a fan to be named Gaeul. If you guys can’t even comprehend that,  how do you attend school with this level of intelligence?”
  • “You crazy people, he said it’d be nice if there were a The B named Gaeul since he likes the Fall season, you f*king dumb people.”

Many also pointed out how NMIXX‘s Lilly almost became the center of a similar misunderstanding while talking about her favorite seasons. Lilly wrote on Bubble that she hates Winter and followed it up with “THE SEASON” in parenthesis to avoid any possibility of people thinking she was talking about Winter from aespa.

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