“The Show” Cancels Live Broadcast In Light Of UP10TION’s Bitto Testing Positive For Covid – What Does This Mean For Music Shows?

They will not be airing this week.

In light of the news that UP10TION‘s Bitto testing positive for covid, many broadcast station staff and crew, as well as idols themselves who appeared on the show, are undergoing tests for the virus. As Bitto had attended the Inkigayo episode on 29 November 2020, most idols who were on the same episode would have been exposed to the virus potentially as well.


SBS, who runs both The Show and Inkigayo, has decided to cancel the live broadcast for the episode slated 1 December 2020. The Show released an official announcement that they will be taking this as a preventive measure in light of recent news. They had come to the decision as they felt the need to protect both the artists as well as their own staff.

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What does the confirmed covid case amongst active idols mean? While Bitto is not the first idol to have contracted the virus, the only other known case is Yoon Hak from SUPERNOVA. Unlike Bitto, Yoon Hak is not widely active in South Korea.


Will this case lead to the music industry temporarily coming to a halt in terms of music show promotions? Experts have yet to lay down their opinions but it is a possibility that other shows will follow in the footsteps of The Show for this week, given the sheer amount of promoting idols affected by the exposure.

Source: Star Today