Tiffany Opens Up About Her Father’s Debt Scandal And How Her “World Came Crashing Down”

“…my world came crashing down.”

Back in late 2018, Tiffany’s father was accused of scamming 35 million won in 2007, and never paying it all back. He only offered a mere 2 million out of the 35 million he borrowed, and apparently, has been living a life of crime.

Tiffany eventually released an official apology statement, clarifying that she knew her father had mismanaged his finances multiple times. She had assisted him in the beginning but eventually cut off ties nearly a decade ago.


During a recent interview, Tiffany Young opened up about her dad’s debt scandal. She explained that she tried her best to help her dad because they’re family, but they no longer speak to each other anymore.

If you’re family, you have to try your best. I tried my best back then, but now it’s different… We don’t contact each other anymore.

— Tiffany


She confessed that when the news initially broke, her world “came crashing down“.

The moment when news about my family that was personal to me, and something I never talked about, was released without my control, it slightly felt like my world came crashing down.

— Tiffany


She also confessed that she had been dealing with anxiety and depression, but ultimately, she “decided to overcome the crash and respond honestly.


Thankfully, she’s put her past in the past and has moved on to bigger and better things in her career and life!

Source: TV Report

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