Tiffany Opens Up About Her Struggles And The Path That Led To Her Pursuance of Music

She shared all her thoughts and feelings.

In a Honda Backstage interview with Honda and Billboard, Tiffany opened up about her childhood and much-needed introduction to music!

Tiffany starts out by talking about how music was always all around her, ever since she could remember. She also revealed that it was thanks to her school that she was able to  have the freedom to explore and experiment with all kinds of opportunities, be it band, sports, or dance.

She cites her parents for her initial love of K-Pop and K-Dramas, and both her grandfathers for teaching her the traditional Korean ways and mannerisms, helping her gain a stronger hold of her ethnic roots which ultimately came around to helping her build her passion for music.

Tiffany then opens up about losing her mother at the age of 12, and revealed that it was music and singing that helped her fill the void that was left behind as a result. She soon joined SM Entertainment, which she describes as her “blueprint”, and anyone could see the hardwork and determination that got her there, and soon enough, to where she is now!


Watch the whole interview here!


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