Tiffany Young Lists Out All Her Must-Have Items That She Carries In Her Bag

Look at all the fun and cute stuff she carries!

Tiffany Young sat down with Vogue Korea for their What’s In My Bag segment, and laid out all that was in her bag, showing everyone all the must-have items she has on hand!

The first item she introduced was the bag itself! The bag she carries with her is a brand new Valentino Rockstud Bag Black! It fits with her one and only rule for buying bags: B.B.O.- Black Bags Only!

Likening her sorting of items in her bag to playing Tetris, Tiffany revealed that for this reason, she prefers square bags!

Next, she revealed that she uses a green Valentino purse for her wallet! She also showed off her Gentle Monster Ghost 01 glasses that she wears for horse riding!

Tiffany then pulled out her car keys, and shared a cute and heartwarming story about them!

Since every member from Girls’ Generation lives close to each other, we spontaneously hang out together when we’re free. But these days, one of them might call and say, “Pick me up~”… That’s why I brought the car keys.

When I call Hyoyeon, she always picks me up!


The next must-have items Tiffany pulled out from her bag were two bottles of perfume; BYREDO Rose Noir 50ml/Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile! Both have strong rose scents, and helped start the famous tour hashtag, #Tiffany_Smells_Good!

Another item she drew attention to was a Swarovski CRYSTALLINE NOVA Ballpoint green, rose-gold tone plated pen! Tiffany mentions that the pen is for signing documents, and is also a great tool to have on hand for safety reasons at night!

It’s perfect for signing documents. For women, I would recommend carrying a pen when you are outside late at night. It’s very good for your safety!


She also carries cosmetics…

… jewelry…

And lastly, the most important item of 2020, a strong, beautifully-scented hand sanitizer!

To watch all the contents of Tiffany’s bag, watch the video here!

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