Tiger JK Joins In BTS Fans’ April Fool’s Day Joke

Tiger JK is stanning a “new group” called BTS.

A music legend has taken notice of hot “new” rookie group, BTS!

This year, BTS fans banded together to create a time-traveling April Fool’s Day joke: debuting 2013 BTS in 2020. It began on March 31 (KST) with the top trending hashtag #NoMoreDreamIsComing…

…and continued through April 1 (KST) with #NoMoreDreamIsHere, #NoMoreDreamOutNow, #DebutWithBTS, and #2013TilForeverWithBTS.

The joke involves acting as if BTS is a brand new group rather than the 7-year veterans we know and love. Fans (who have not yet been named ARMY in this scenario) are hoping that BTS will find out about the joke.

Tiger JK is furthering fans’ agenda by joining in. He showed support for this “new group” on Twitter.

In reality, Tiger JK is already well acquainted with BTS, and has collaborated with RM (known as Rap Monster in 2013).

Fans are thrilled to have Tiger JK involved, not only because he is an icon, but because BTS now has a much higher chance of seeing the joke!

Hopefully, fans’ favorite rookies will respond soon!