Tiger JK Has Fans Hyped For A Rumored, New Collab With BTS’s RM

A recent post has fans hoping for a brand new Tiger JK x RM song.

Is a new collaboration between rap legends on the way? Excited fans are hoping so!


In late 2018, Tiger JK and BTS‘s RM released their collaboration “Timeless”. It was extremely well received by fans and charted at No.1 on various music charts worldwide.


RM also featured on the 2015 MFBTY single “Buckubucku” with EE and Dino-J.


Now, fans are anticipating a brand new collaboration, thanks to Tiger JK’s recent Instagram story that features a screenshot from “Buckbucku” and the hashtag “#MFBTY2”.


Tiger JK also posted this video clip from “Buckubucku”. In the caption, he shares an anecdote about RM’s time with MFBTY on set for the MV.


At this time, this rumored collaboration is unconfirmed. It’s unclear if Tiger JK is dropping hints, or just feeling a little nostalgic. BTS recently announced that they will be taking a 2-month hiatus to recharge, but it’s possible that they may be working on individual projects during this schedule-free time.

BTS Will Be Taking A Two Month Hiatus To Recharge From Their Successful, Action-Packed Year