Thai Actor Toey Pongsakorn Mettarikanon Is The Most Successful GOT7 Fanboy

Ahgases couldn’t be happier for him!

Thai actor Toey Pongsakorn Mettarikanon is gaining attention from not only fellow Ahgases but from the GOT7 members themselves!

Toey | @toey_pongsakorn/Instagram

Toey started his career winning “Top of The Idol,” competing in The Idol Project 2. He has appeared in many Thai drama series.

Not only is he a successful actor, but Toey is a successful fanboy!

Toey attended Mark Tuan‘s sold-out PULL-UP fanmeeting in Thailand in May 2022.

In July, he met Jackson Wang when he was a cast member on The Wall Song. When Jackson appeared, Toey cried, so Jackson hugged him!

They also took a photo together!

Most recently, Toey attended Jackson’s MAGIC MAN concert in Thailand.

When Toey was in South Korea, he met Jay B‘s mother, who he said treated him kindly. Jay B’s parents own a café, Yogurbara, outside of Seoul.

He would then see Jay B at the GOT7 member’s <TAPE: PRESS PAUSE> Encore tour in Thailand.

When Toey greeted Jay B, it appeared that Jay B might have recognized him!

Now, Toey’s interaction with Jinyoung is going viral…

Toey attended Day 2 of Jinyoung’s Fanconcert ‘Rendezvous’ in Bangkok: Secret Meeting.

Toey was selected to go on stage with Jinyoung. Immediately, Jinyoung couldn’t help but admire Toey’s handsomeness.

Toey told Jinyoung that he was an iGOT7 (Ahgase), to which Jinyoung replied that he was now GOT8! Still, Jinyoung continued to compliment him.

Toey also got a hug and autograph from Jinyoung!

Ahgases are so happy for Toey, knowing what a true and respectful fanboy he is. Despite others telling him to take off his mask when he went on stage, he kept it on out of concern for Jinyoung’s health.

All his various GOT7 moments and interactions have been circulating again since the video of him with Jinyoung went viral.

Toey is one of many successful Thai GOT7 fanboys. Read more below.

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Source: toey_pongsakorn

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